Monday, August 1, 2011

Pillow Week!

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you might recall my pillow obsession. Love them, but don't have many. It's a recent obsession, and one revolving around creating beautiful pillows, just how I want them. Ruffles, flowers, foof! The more the better.

I've been shopping with my JoAnn's coupons, and have been stocking up on pillow forms, and fabric that enhances my room decor. Ok, so maybe my lack of room decor, but helping to give me some room decor :)

So far, I've created pillows for the family room, the living room, and yes, even the dining room! I'm going to show them to you this week, along with some links to tutorials that'll help you recreate them if you so choose.

Up first is the family room!

So far our family room consists of our couch and ottoman, tv and audio equipment, and a few things on the fireplace and mantel. Colors? Tan couch, black audio furniture, black wrought iron lamps. In other words...none! We've talked about painting the fireplace wall a burnt orange color, but we've still got 8 months left on the painting ban. So I decided to make some orange pillows for the couch.

First, burnt orange fabric is hard to find right now! Even with the fall fabrics starting to appear. I finally found a quilters cotton that works though. I'd planned to make a poppy pillow. Orange pillow, black flower (sounds Halloween-y, I know). This is the hubs favorite room though. The room we hang out in every night. His rules: no ruffles, no flowers. Booo!

So then I figured I'd just keep it simple with a row of buttons on the slip cover closure. His thoughts on that? No buttons. They hurt to lean on.

Have I mentioned that he is SUPER picky? And VERY opinionated? And it makes my life VERY difficult at times? LOL! And yet, I love him so :)

So back to JoAnn's. I figured maybe I could find something that would look nice as a strip down the middle. After a few "ehhh, maybe's" I found the perfect fabric. Another quilters cotton in a geometric black and white.

And here she is!

Quite at home amongst all the tan.


There is another on the other side, but I didn't take a picture of the whole couch. I couldn't get both pillows in the picture easily the way the ends of the couch angle in.

Did I mention these are slipcovers? Easy to change, or take off and clean. If you can measure, cut and sew a straight line, you can do it. And Ashley from Make It and Love It has a tutorial that's super easy to follow. You can find it HERE.

To get the stripes down the middle, I just ironed the edges of the patterned fabric under, then pinned it to the orange front piece BEFORE the slipcover was sewn together. Stitch the patterned fabric on, then put the slipcover together as directed.

As far as sizing...this part threw me for a loop at first.

Here's the basic rules:
For you pillow front: Add 1" the both the length and width of your pillow size. 
Example, my pillow was a 16" square. So my front piece was cut to 17" x 17".

For you pillow back (2 overlapping pieces that allow you change out the pillow): Add 1" to the width. For the height, take half of your height, and add 3".
Example, my back pieces were 17" wide x 11" high (6 inches is half, plus 3" for the overlap).

This formula will give you a 3" overlap on the back of the slipcover. I did some rectangle pillows for the dining room, and used the same formula.

Oh, and my seam allowances were about 3/8". Depending on the fullness of your pillow you may have to adjust a little. Just try it on your pillow form, and adjust accordingly.

Clear as mud?
Happy pillow making! Don't forget to stop by later this week for my next pillow creation!

Got a pillow to share? Link me up! I'm always looking for inspiration :)

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